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The DivX Community is the site for all you movietraders out there.
On this site you can arrange all your movies in a neat, easy to maintain movielist thats always online. You can also discuss everything from heaven to hell in our forums or in the chat.

Note: You can not download any movies from this site. The site is only dedicated to bring traders together.
This is an example on how your list could look:

2006-10-23 | Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes...
PM is no longer a Mod, but ClassicAl now is. We plan on switching webhosts, soon. And to do that, we need to change the coding of the pages (see the stickied thread). And while we're at it, I thought we'd go ahead and change the domain name, as well (see the other stickied thread). Please give your opinions.. This is, and always will be, a community.

2006-09-12 | Maintenance
We have recieved notice from our ISP that we have to replace equipment tomorrow (12th of september). This will be done after 16.00 UTC and will make our servers unreachable during 30-60 minutes.

2006-02-01 | Title-From-IMDB
Wow, almost a year. My Goodness. Anyways, I just found out that the feature to automatically grab the Titles from IMDB wasn't working right. I tried to fix it, and I couldn't, so I removed it. So now you definitely need a title in order to Add Movies. (You should be Importing them, anyway. Saves a LOT of time.)


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